Advanced Manufacturing

Toner Master utilizes an optimized manufacturing process, taking advantage of automated production lines for fast and efficient output.

Material Procurement

Every production process begins with material sourcing. Practicing strict standards in supplier selection, we constantly filter the supplier network to ensure we’re getting from the best ones. When materials come in, our inspectors go through each shipment, comparing them to our benchmarks before use.

P06 2 S03 2 灌粉

Calibrated Production

Working with a pre-programmed logic system monitored by skilled personnel, our automated production lines begin the manufacturing process of each toner cartridge order. As the process is fully automated, human error is reduced to zero, resulting in reliable products.
P06 2 S03 3 特写硒鼓模具

Precision Assembly

After each component is completed, the toner cartridges are assembled by seasoned personnel that understand the products you need. Team members are regularly trained in the latest protocols, following global standards to a T.




P06 2 S03 4 质检人员使用打印机去测试黑度

Meticulous Quality Control

Apart from random checks during the process, our inspectors conduct a comprehensive product review at the end of the assembly phase. Only those that pass our established standards go through the next step and leave our production facility.


P06 2 S03 5 工人对产品进行打包

Professional Packaging

We pack the printer components using professional packaging materials with shipping protection and product preservation in mind. Additionally, per request, we can also customize the packaging to suit your branding.
P06 2 S03 5 产品发货 1

Fast and Safe Delivery

Partnering with well-vetted logistics companies, we ship out the printer components as soon as possible. For dropshippers, we can also send them directly to your customer’s address.

Title (360° Factory Virtual Tour)

Take an interactive tour of our production facility, where the latest line of toner cartridges and printer supplies are showcased for inspiration. You can also see our products over the years and see how far we’ve come.

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