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We’ve picked our founder’s brain to learn more about his thoughts, plans, and next steps.

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Toner Master is not your run-of-the-mill manufacturer – we’re invested in your success! We handle the meticulous part of the production process, so you can focus on closing deals, making customers happy, and turning in a profit.”

– Bill, CEO of Toner Master

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Q: Why made you go with the printing consumables industry?

A: Back in 2003, there were only original printing consumables available in the market. And as they cost so much per unit, office printing costs were at an all-time high.


After discovering that comparable printer consumables only cost a third of the original’s price, we saw this as a golden opportunity. By offering toner cartridges that have the same quality as originals yet are more affordable, we’re helping users reduce printing costs without compromising the quality.

Q: When did we start building our own factory? What were the conditions of the factory at that time?

A: We originally started as an importer and exporter of printer consumables in 2008. After three years of strong sales and tons of support from our customers, we saw the need to become the first-hand source of printer consumables.


That’s why we built our first toner cartridge factory in 2011. While the total area is only 850 sq.m., it was sufficient to produce cartridges for the growing consumer base.

Q: What was the reason for expanding our factory from 850㎡ to 9500㎡?

A: As we saw a continuous increase in order volume, our facility can no longer cater to the demand. And rather than sacrificing fulfillment times and customer satisfaction, we decided to expand our facility to 9500 sq. m. Doubling the facility space allows us to accommodate more customers faster and with better quality.

Q: Why did you later move the factory to Zhongshan?

A: We believe that competition brings out the best in anyone, whether a person or a business. As industry competition has intensified and Zhongshan has become a central location for the supply chain, we decided to move to Tangzhou, Zhongshan, in 2019. The move lets us deeply integrate with the supply chain and places us in a better position regarding supply management and trade.

Q: Did you realize that producing a single category was not enough to meet the needs of business development, so you decided to extend more production lines?

A: Yes, many of our existing customers inquire about other printer supplies besides toner cartridges. Many of our long-time customers have asked us for help purchasing supplies and cartridge orders to reduce their sourcing time.


When we were just offering cartridges, we lost some potential opportunities because we didn’t have the other items in stock. This, along with intensifying our presence in the global market, pushed us to expand our product lineup.

Q: What about the R&D investment in our machines? Do we have any advantage over our peers?

A: The printer or copier is the essential tool for quality control on toner cartridges. Once a new model is out in the market, we’re the first to get a unit and the corresponding toners for testing and research. We then reverse-engineer these cartridges, allowing us to create identical copies with the same quality at affordable costs.


We’ve invested a million dollars in our automated assembly line that produces a daily output of 20,000 units. This reduces lead times during production, which lets us ship cartridges faster and keep our customers happy.

Q: What can we expect in the future?

A: Continuous expansion of our consumable printer offerings is our primary goal, becoming a one-stop shop for customers looking for a high-quality, cost-effective option for the global market.

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