Print and Copy Quality

Quality is at the cornerstone of Toner Master’s production process. We conduct meticulous testing and inspections to ensure each print is clear, crisp, and color-accurate.

Toner Master is STMC CERTIFIED

We’ve secured various certifications that uphold our manufacturing standards to guarantee the utmost quality. We abide by these certifications at every opportunity, becoming the benchmarks our products are known for.

In addition, Toner Master is SMTC certified. This certification gives you the confidence and assurance that our toner cartridges and printer supplies go through the standardized process for production, inspection, and packaging.

Rewards for Excellence

These awards and citations are more than just proof of our excellence – they’re proof that we’re doing what we aim to do and positively impacting the industry.

Strict Raw Material Selection

We carefully select the materials used for our printer/copier products without settling for inferior parts. From focused supplier screening to meticulous inspection upon arrival, we don’t skip a beat in our quality control protocols.

客户需求换 P06 1 S04 复印机筒状碳粉特写

Cutting-Edge Facility & Equipment

Meant for streamlined production and consistent quality, we employ multiple cutting edge inspection equipment to ensure the goods you receive are in good conditions. High-and-low temperature machines are employed to test printers and copiers of different brands and models.

P06 1 S06 黑度测试

Color Measurement of Blackness

Since ancient times, charcoal black has been the benchmark of any color range. Utilizing a modern understanding of colors and cutting-edge technology, Toner Master practices strict measurements to ensure that our colors translate properly in every print.

It’s the Output that Matters

Taking care of our toner cartridges doesn’t stop at production. We also store them in a controlled warehouse, making sure that their integrity and performance are intact. Understanding the sensitivity of toners, our storage process reduces the agglomeration risk, reducing its service life.


You’re sure to get toner cartridges that work perfectly and optimally from first to last print through our proper storage and shipping process.

P06 1 S07 储存产品成品硒鼓粉盒

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