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For clearer, crispier printing, choose our toner cartridges that are made compatible with various brands and tested to be quality-guaranteed.

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Laser Toner Cartridge

Built for fast laser printing, our cartridges hold much ink that can last long to ensure cost-effective, long-term usage.

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Copier Toner Kit

For efficient photocopying, use our long-lasting copier toner kits that deliver crisp quality at lower costs.

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Compatibility with Diverse Popular Brands

Provide printers with our sustainable toner cartridges, with inks that help print more at low cost and retain their quality even in long-time storage. To maintain the quality of the ink powder and keep it safe from degradation, our toners are often made with hard plastic cases mixing together carbon and metal particles.

Together with our experienced design team, our one-stop factory produces toner cartridges fit for leading printers, including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Oki, and Xerox.

Guaranteed Precision and Quality Printing

Reaching crisp detail and high quality, our toner cartridges possess long-lasting ink powders to continue printing for long periods at lower costs.

Guaranteed Fast Delivery

We deliver wholesale orders within 3-7 days thanks to our abundant inventory of toner cartridges.


Supporting Printing Needs At Every Step

We provide various services, ranging from downloadable product catalogs to low-cost replacements and other after-sales support.

Warranty Policy

To ensure your stock remains in good quality, we offer replacement toner cartridges, followingISO9001 and ISO14001 Factory Standards.

One-Stop Automated Production

Having our own mold, we produce a stable, consistent range of toner cartridges that can support any brand and fit your requirements. As your one-stop destination, our precise, highly-efficient automated operation can offer up to 600 pcs/hr to save on costs and time.

Precision Operation

Thanks to smart features, our machinery line produces the cartridges according to design.

High Efficiency

By producing up to 600pcs hourly, we can readily supply enough toner cartridges to any brand worldwide.

Faster when Automated

Our automated production processes at 600pcs hourly to save labor costs and give your workforce more time to focus on different tasks.

What Toner Cartridges Are For

Rather than using ink cartridges, printers can save more ink and costs with toner cartridges filled with quality powder applied to paper by heat and pressure.
How does it help print out intricately-detailed prints? The toner cartridge comes with springs, hoppers, software chip and OCR drums that help printers receive toner to bring out images more accurately.

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